$10,000.00 Treasure Details

One Troy Ounce Mint US Indian Head Buffalo Silver Coins

The Silver is real kiddos!  They are all one Troy ounce mint condition US Indian Head Buffalo 999 Fine Silver Coins.  A Troy ounce is 31.1 grams vs a regular ounce at 28.35 grams.  As of this moment, $10,000.00 of these coins would equate to about 580 coins.

On the day before the actual Treasure Hunt we will adjust the amount of coins up or down to ensure the winner receives $10,000.00 worth based on the price of Silver at that time.  The winner will need to plan ahead in regards to transporting these coins home since the total weight of $10,000.00 of these coins is currently at about 40 pounds!

The Treasure is real and for now and until the morning of the actual Treasure Hunt, the Treasure will stay safely locked up in the Safety-Deposit Box at the Bank.  On the morning of the Treasure Hunt a security company will transport the $10,000.00



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