Our Story

Ahoy there Mateys!

My name is Vito Catana, The Pirate of Morgan’s Cove. Please allow me to give you a glimpse of what you are about to experience as you tour our website.

In 1999 we moved into our newly purchased property in Morgan Hill, California. On the very first day my Cousin, known as Terrible Timmy, was demolishing our kitchen. As his odd looking helper slammed a large hammer onto the kitchen counter, tile went flying everywhere. This guy had long hair tied in a ponytail, a fishing hook as an earring, a shark tooth necklace, indian shirt and jeans cut into shorts. He looked like a Pirate if I had ever seen one. I had no idea Terrible Timmy and this guy named Fisherman Doug would change my life forever.

On their last break of the day, both Terrible Timmy and Fisherman Doug were working in the hot tub area. While overlooking the hideous, overgrown dried up creek, Terrible Timmy blurted out “Captain Quarters.” With a twinkle in his eye Fishermen Doug replied, “aye, we cover the hot tub with planks and make this our Captains Quarters!”


After a few months on the job, Fishermen Doug brought over a custom made sign that had the name Morgan’s Cove on it.

“Why Morgan’s Cove?” I asked.

He told me “You live in Morgan Hill and on Morgan Avenue.” And that’s how the name Morgan’s Cove was born.

Since then, we’ve been evolving my yard to look and feel like a deserted tropical island, as if we were stranded there. In the early days of building our pirates cove, we used nothing but reclaimed wood and material from the creeks and antique stores that we were able to scavenge and salvage. Only structural items were purchased from local hardware stores to make sure things are safe and sound.

In 2012 I started investing real money in the property.  We bought a Pirate Ship, hand crafted by Terry Riner of British Columbia.  We named her “The Lady Morgan.” On our “Videos” page you can watch the ship being taken off the delivery truck and being placed in my yard.

After a while we naturally became pirates and I’m known around town as “the Pirate of Morgan Hill.” As of today, we have spent over $500,000.00 developing Morgan’s Cove and the real life Treasure Hunt.

People constantly ask me the big question, “Why did you build a pirates island in your yard?” The answer is simple, it sparks my imagination and my passion to write pirate stories. I really didn’t know what would come from all of this, but then it hit me. For some odd reason my heart was telling me to follow the pirates and join them. I did not know what that feeling meant so I just kept going with it. Well it turns out that this feeling was telling me to write pirate stories through time travel and share them with everyone. I could never have imagined, me, a story teller and author. So true to our nature and through my wife’s unwavering love and support, we together started our journey and began writing. I hope you and your favorite child enjoy reading our first Pirate Story “Dartanian, The Daydreamer.”

After all these years of enjoying Morgan’s Cove with my friends, family and community, I have decided to give an expense paid round trip to Morgan’s Cove, in Morgan Hill California, for both the parent/guardian and the child.

It includes hotel accommodations for two nights, transportation to/from the hotel to Morgan’s Cove, a tour of  Morgan’s Cove and a BBQ lunch.  This once-in-a-life-time Treasure Hunt, in our unique Pirate’s Cove, is for five lucky kids (ages 5 – 17) who live in the United States. The Treasure Hunt is for one ounce Silver coins worth $10,000.00 Dollars.

Will you be the one to find the hidden treasure of Morgan’s Cove? If that’s you – you can keep the $10,000.00 Silver treasure. AYE, you heard me right mateys.  Five lucky kids will be coming to Morgan’s Cove for a real life Treasure Hunt to meet myself, Captain Vito.

One lucky kid will find and keep the $10,000.00 dollars of Silver coins.  When you buy the $7.99 eBook, you are automatically entered.   Enjoy reading and join Dartanian – the Daydreamer, on his adventure at Morgans Cove to find the Silver Coins. This $7.99 Pirate Story eBook gets you your chance at one of the five Silver Tickets.


Imagine going on a real life Treasure Hunt with your son, daughter, nephew, niece or grand child on an expense paid trip to a real life Pirates Treasure Hunt in California for Silver coins worth $10,000.00.




Aye Matyes, I can’t wait to meet you and your crew and watch one of you find the Treasure of Morgan’s Cove. So I invite you all to meet Dartanian – the Daydreamer for the Ultimate Real Life Pirates Treasure Hunt.



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Aye Parents and adults, I haven’t forgotten about you either, reserve your spot for the treasure hunt for adults, on the near horizon.

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