Your Treasure Hunt Adventure Begins. . .

Dartanian – the Daydreamer (eBook)


In 1999 my friends and I started building a Pirates Cove on my property.  I have spent over $500,000 creating Morgan’s Cove and I hope you enjoy the photo gallery.  Here is my story and my reason why.

After all these years of enjoying Morgan’s Cove, I have decided to give an expense paid round trip to Morgan’s Cove, in Morgan Hill California, for both the parent/guardian and the child who wins a Silver Ticket.  Here are all of the details.

Five Lucky kids from all over the US will win the drawing for the Treasure Hunt Trip valued at $2,400.00.  One of those kids will find and keep this $10,000.00 Silver Treasure in the real life Treasure Hunt at Morgan’s Cove.

Will You and Your Child be the one to find the hidden treasure of Morgan’s Cove?

When you buy this $7.99 eBook, you are automatically entered into the drawing for your chance at one of the five Silver Tickets.

Enjoy reading and join Dartanian – the Daydreamer, on his adventure at Morgan’s Cove to find the $10,000.00 in Silver Coins.

So I invite you all to meet Dartanian – the Daydreamer for the Ultimate Real Life Pirates Treasure Hunt.


Join Dartanian the Daydreamer as he embarks on an adventure of a lifetime! In this eBook you will find how a young boy finds himself on a treasure hunt just like the treasure hunt we have in store for you and your child.

If you or a child you know loves pirates, going on scavenger or treasure hunts then this is a must read.
You might just find out by reading this eBook some of the clues that will be on the real treasure map that will discover the $10,000.00 at Morgan’s Cove .

Aye Mateys, spending quality time with your kids reading books has many long-lasting benefits like Mental Acuity, Positive Sleep Patterns, Stress Relief, Inspiration, Empathy and Happiness.  Simply purchase this eBook and you and the child you bought it for will be entered for a chance to win an all expense paid trip to Morgan’s Cove in California.  Can you imagine the look on their faces when their Silver Ticket is one of the 5 chosen?

Aye Matey, I can’t wait to meet you and your crew!